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power of attorney

power of attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document that lets you appoint someone to represent you. If you sign a Power of Attorney, you are the principal. The person you appoint to represent you is called the agent or attorney-in-fact.

how can a power of attorney help me?

A Power of Attorney lets you authorize someone to handle a specific task, like signing documents for you while you are away. For example, your agent can sign sale documents or contracts for the purchase of a house, or to sell your car.

Or, your Power of Attorney can authorize your agent to handle on-going tasks.

Here are examples of tasks you can have your agent do:


  • make bank deposits, withdrawals or other transactions

  • trade stocks and bonds

  • pay your bills

  • buy or sell property

  • hire people to take care of you

  • file your tax returns

  • arrange the distribution of retirement benefits

  • negotiate and sign contracts

  • apply for benefits like SSI or Medi-Cal

Your agent can do almost anything the Power of Attorney permits. You can also limit the kinds of financial decisions you want your agent to be able to make.


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