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Every year, millions or people are bitten by dogs with roughly half of them being children under the age of 10.  If you or your child has been bitten by a dog its important to know what your legal rights and options are. 


Every states laws regarding dog bites differ and its important to know your states laws, or consult with an attorney familiar with your states laws.  In California for instance, dog bites are treated seriously and carry a strict liability burden.  This means that the dog’s owner will be held liable as long as:


  • The injury is caused by a dog bite

  • The person was bitten in a public place or the person was lawfully on private property at the time of the attack


This means the dog owner cannot be held liable if a dog bites someone who is trespassing on private property.  The dog owner may also not be held liable if the victim provoked the dog to bite such as ignoring the dog’s owner when told not to approach the dog as the dog is agitated.


Puncture wounds are common dog bite injuries, which may be accompanied by bruising, bleeding, and soreness.  Shallow puncture wounds should heal quickly and be treated with anti-bacterial cream and bandages.  However, some larger dogs have leave deeper puncture wounds that require further treatment which could include stitches or surgery. 


If dog bite wound are not treated properly they can result in complications such as bacterial infections or tissue death.  Extreme cases of dog bites have resulted in MRSA infections which can result in death or loss of limbs. 

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