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Our team

David Allard

david allard

A Sense of Duty

Attorney David Allard learned the value of contingency planning as a young man serving in the United States Marine Corps. Shortly after his four years of active duty, September 11 happened. He still had friends that were active duty and they were being deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was working for company that built air defense systems for the military and he immediately requested that his company send him to the Middle East to be the principal point of contact for this air defense system throughout Southwest Asia and the Horn of Africa. His four years of service taught him to remain calm under pressure and to analyze every possible outcome in any given scenario. David’s military training was instrumental when he was on the ground in the Middle East when Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom began.

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Justice for Those Who Cannot Fight for Themselves

For the past seven years, David has focused his career on Personal Injury litigation. He has handled every type of case from the basic motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, dog bites, wrongful death, to constitutional rights grievances against the state. His primary focus was and still is to represent those that were injured by the negligence of others and ensure that they would not be taken advantage of by the big insurance companies. 

Empathy and Understanding

The past several years have been eye opening for David. Having gone through the death of his mother in law, and both of his step-fathers, he has seen first-hand what happens to families when an estate plan is drafted and simply forgotten about. Although those that passed away had a trust in place when they passed, their estate plans did not reflect their wishes at the time of their passing. In fact, it was a glimpse of what they wanted decades before their death. It was merely a snapshot of their lives at the time their trusts were drafted.

In addition, David and his wife, Angela, have welcomed two beautiful girls, Malia and Maya, into their family. David’s sole purpose since the birth of Malia and Maya has been to ensure their health and safety. He has done everything possible to make sure, in the worst of circumstances, his little girls are cared for in a manner which reflect both his and Angela’s ultimate wishes. In doing so, he has made it his mission to ensure he does the same for you.

Planning for Your Future

Today, David uses everything he has learned as a young Marine, Field Engineer in Southwest Asia, Personal Injury Attorney, and Father to plan for all aspects of his client’s lives—not just what happens after they are gone. If you want to protect your assets from potential legal threats, protect your loved ones once you are gone, and leave a lasting legacy for your family, David can help. We believe in protecting your family, so we’re dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy every moment you have with them.

Qualifications and Education

David graduated from the Oregon State University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering before receiving his Juris Doctorate Degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2013. He is admitted to the State Bar of California, the Eastern District Court of California, Southern District of California and FL DISTRICT.

James Kirby

James w. Kirby

A Desire to Assist


Attorney James Kirby has long had a desire to assist and help those around him as much as he can.  Growing up with a doctor for a father showed him how assisting or helping people changed their lives and sought out the best use of his talents to help others.  While medicine was not in the cards, James took quickly to the law and sought to use his abilities to the best of his ability.  Prior to law school, James worked in his father’s medical practice assisting with the computer filing system; this provided him familiarity with numerous medical terms, practices, and diagnostic tools.  This medical knowledge has helped James explain to clients how to advocate for the best care and treatment they could.

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes


Since graduating law school in 2014, James has worked with his family at a firm based on Los Angeles that focused on assisting people who had been in motorcycle accidents in California and Nevada.  This niche portion of Personal Injury litigation routinely brought James in contact with people who were dealing with life altering injuries.  James regularly met clients wherever they needed him, including in hospitals, hospice, at home or other locations where the injured were recovering or comfortable.  It was these moments when James’s compassion and empathy would provide not only the calming environment to comfort the injured person and their family, but would also facilitate a meaningful discussion about what to expect moving forward.  


The Compassionate Practice of Law


Today, James uses everything he has learned, both in and out of school, to provide compassionate but realistic legal aid to his clients.  He has helped his clients win million dollar verdicts and fought for every penny he could get to help his clients.  In assisting motorcycle accident victims James has seen exactly where and how he can fight the insurance companies as well as the medical industry to get the best care at the lowest cost to his client.  If you have been hurt in an accident and need to know what your options are; then James can help.  We believe in using all of the tools at our disposal to help our clients get their lives back and be compensated for any damage they have suffered. 


Qualifications and Education


James Graduated from Loyola Marymount University as a double major with B.A. degrees in both History and Political Science before receiving his Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate School of Law in 2014.  James has been admitted to practice law by the State Bar Associations of California and Nevada as well as the Western District Court of California.

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