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A Desire to Assist


Attorney James Kirby has long had a desire to assist and help those around him.  Growing up with a doctor for a father showed him how assisting or helping people changed their lives and sought out the best use of his talents to help others.  While medicine was not in the cards, James took quickly to the law and sought to use his abilities to help others.  Prior to law school, James worked in his father’s medical practice assisting with the computer filing system; this provided him familiarity with numerous medical terms, practices, and diagnostic tools.  This medical knowledge has helped James explain to clients how to advocate for the best care and treatment they can.

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes


Since graduating law school in 2014, James has worked with his family’s firm based in Los Angeles that focused on helping people who had been in motorcycle accidents in California and Nevada.  This niche portion of Personal Injury litigation routinely brought James in contact with people who were dealing with life altering injuries.  James regularly met clients wherever they needed him, including in hospitals, hospice, at home or other locations where the injured were recovering or comfortable.  It was during these moments that James’s compassion and empathy would provide not only the calming environment to comfort the injured person and their family, but would also facilitate a meaningful discussion about what to expect moving forward.  


The Compassionate Practice of Law


Today, James uses everything he has learned, both in and out of school, to provide compassionate but realistic legal aid to his clients.  He has helped his clients win million dollar verdicts and fought for every penny he could get to help his clients.  In assisting motorcycle accident victims James has seen exactly where and how he can fight the insurance companies as well as the medical industry to get the best care at the lowest cost to his client.  If you have been hurt in an accident and need to know what your options are; then James can help.  We believe in using all of the tools at our disposal to help our clients get their lives back and be compensated for any damage they have suffered. 


Qualifications and Education


James Graduated from Loyola Marymount University after studying both History and Political Science and receiving B.A. degrees in both subjects.  After a couple of years, James attended Law School and received his Juris Doctorate from Golden Gate School of Law in 2014 where he served as Student Bar President and received the Paul S. Jordan Achievement Award.  James has been admitted to practice law by the State Bar Associations of California and Nevada as well as the Western District Court of California.

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